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Mobile Shellac Nails

Our mobile nail technicians offer a multitude of services including mobile shellac treatments directly to your door.

The nail technicians we use are fully qualified in shellac hands and shellac feet treatments and you will only receive the best.

The Benefits Of Shellac

  1. Strengthens like a gel
  2. Looks like a varnish
  3. Damage free system
  4. Strengthens natural nails
  5. Wide range of finishes

Why Choose Shellac Nails?

Shellac comes in an wide array of amazing colours that can be mixed, glittered and French finished.

The result is the same quality of a varnish and it's strength & durability is that of a gel.

Shellac is also a very affordable product that lasts for up to 14 days, chip free.

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Mobile Manicure & Pedicures

Basic Manicures & Pedicures

A basic manicure or pedicure is for clients looking to rejuvenate their nails. If you go long enough without a manicure or pedicure then your cuticles might start to grow out, your nails might look dull and feel sharper than normal.

When you have a basic manicure or pedicure (or both at the same time) this helps to improve the health of your nails and cuticles.

Luxury Manicures & Pedicures

A luxury manicure or pedicure is for clients who are not only looking to rejuvenate their nails and cuticles but also their hands and feet. It's a luxurious treatment that makes your hands, feet and nails to look and feel fresh again.

A luxury manicure and pedicure can be more beneficial to your hands, feet and nails than a basic treatment as exfoliation and conditioning mask is included which can improve the look and feel of your skin.